The Scoop On Urban X-pressions: It was during one February 1992 snow storm that Urban X-pressions emerged out of the genius of Edward “Ed Box” Brunson and Roslyn “Roz” Robertson. Then staff at WGTW-TV 48, Ed Box and Roz set the show off upon learning that snowbound in NYC, AHV crew could not get to Philly to host. Galvanizing talented staff, Shelly-Shell, Monica, SCOE, Latanya, Liz, DJs Drastik, DJ Shep, Touchtone, Romona Smith, Dawn Holley, Supreem, Gadiel, Livin, Keith from up the Block,” radio hosts Egypt Sherrod, Amber Noble, Golden Girl, Shamara, Super Director Editor Howard Gilliam Jr., the late Cecil “CES” Wilson, many, many friends, and volunteers, production thrived, and UX continued to air for 2 hours every Saturday Night. U.X., the first local live video show in Philadelphia broadcasted on WGTW-TV 48, regularly sent “shout-outs,” and U.X. became an immediate cornerstone and one-stop shop for a multitude of celebrities coast-to-coast, including LL Cool J, Ja Rule, Jay-Z, and others; nonstop, U.X. aired the hottest national and local music videos, caught the attention of a dynamic and diverse viewing audience, and served as a forum for community activists, causes, and projects. U.X. eventually went to a pre-tape format until 2004. Even after WGTW-TV 48 sold, “CLUB UX,” Roc Star P, DJ Ferno, Jade Alston, DJ Keith, the late DJ Ed Money, Ike Haam, the late Don Quan, Princess Neah, Baby DJ and the VIP Young Girls/Boys continued onto WYBE TV 35, Telemundo and Phillycam. U.X. family and staff kept it moving; to this day penning and producing eye-catching, ear engaging, chat-worthy content as “Single on a Saturday Night” My Special Day TV, Selby Signatures and “Stand Up at the Movies.”