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Motivation Monday Network

Monday may be the most commonly dreaded day of the week, but not any longer! We say Hello Monday! Motivation Monday Network helps you start the week off invigorated and motivated for a productive week. Monday’s allow you to create a new fabulous week with a fresh start! Founded by Shelly Shell Williams in 2018, Motivation Monday Network is a nonprofit membership-based networking and business development mentors for small business owners, entrepreneurs, and a support team for those transitioning from employee to entrepreneur. We host monthly entrepreneur talks via zoom and live (after the pandemic)


Our mission is to build authentic business relationships, provide resources, and connect our members to influential people. We deliver educational seminars that propel the business of our members. We are the support team for employees transitioning to become entrepreneurs.


The goal of Motivation Monday Network is to build striving business relationships through networking, empowering, equipping, and motivating entrepreneurs and small business owners at various stages of their career and personal development.


Motivation Monday Network is the support team for those transitioning from employee to entrepreneur; we will be known as the premium networking team that builds and strengthens entrepreneurs and helps them develop to their full potential.