T.H.R.I.V.E. Media Training Program

The Next generation of what? Urban X-pressions, Philadelphia’s longest-running music video show and a staple in the community, originally aired on broadcast television from 1992-2013. It now lives on via the web and in the hearts of many. The Show’s Executive Producer Shelly Shell Williams has decided to create a new series featuring the next generation, the children of the original cast, embarking on the mission of Building a Legacy.

Urban X-pressions, The Next Generation, in August 2019, launched the Back-to-School Fashion & Talent Show, hosted by the youth. The Fashion featured the following fashions:

  • Ambicito by Harper
  • Kizzy’s Designs & Apparel, LLC
  • Shancouture
  • Diomo King & Queen
  • Modern Society
  • The Hanan Project
  • Hustle Junkies

This event kicked off the ongoing activities for the youth throughout the year.

Donations may be made via cash app $Phillysoprah you can make a charitable contribution to support the show and the incredible non-profit organizations we support. Cash donations are fully tax deductible! X-pressions, Inc.


Our mission is to build authentic business relationships, provide resources, and connect our members to influential people. We deliver educational seminars that propel the business of our members. We are the support team for employees transitioning to become entrepreneurs.


The Next Generation is the program transitioning from youth into entrepreneur; we will be known as the premium networking team that builds and strengthens the youth and helps them develop to their full potential.


The goal of The Next Generation is to build striving youth business relationships through networking, empowering, equipping, and motivating young entrepreneurs and small business owners at various stages of their career and personal development.