A Showcase of Youth Athletics and Family Support

When we think of young people in urban areas, we often hear about the negative things they do. However, we don’t often hear about the many positive things they do to stay active and thrive. This is why it’s important to highlight events like the PACSAC All-Star Game, where middle school students from Christian schools in the Philadelphia area come together to showcase their skills and teamwork.

The stands were packed with families and supporters, all cheering on the players. It was especially heartwarming to see both boys and girls playing on the same team, a testament to the inclusivity and diversity of the event. Each team was made up of four players from their respective schools, chosen as the best of the best.

The game was intense and exciting, with the winning team not missing a single basket. My niece, DeMya, was one of the players chosen from her school, Gospel of Grace Christian School in Cheltenham, PA. Her position was Power Forward, and she played her heart out on the court.

But what really struck me was the strong family support that DeMya and her fellow players received. Her parents, sister, grandparents, and other family members were all in attendance, cheering her on and showing their love and pride. It was a beautiful sight to see and a reminder of the importance of family support in the lives of young people.

The PACSAC All-Star Game is just one example of the many ways that urban youth are expressing themselves through athletics and receiving support from their families and communities. Let’s celebrate these young people and the positive impact they are making on their world.

Congratulations to all the players who participated, and kudos to the families who supported them. Special thanks to the PACSAC President, Willette Whitaker, Secretary Kenyatta Rush, and Basketball Commissioner Eric Moore for making this event possible.