Augmented Reality Alphabet Book by Angelique Marshall at Loving My Health Expo

So I’ve stumbled upon yet another gem in our small business world. Meet Angelique Marshall, film producer, mental health advocate & author. I ran into Angelique while she was vending at the [Loving My Health Expo] hosted by Shelly Shell Williams. Her table was an automatic magnet to browse & shop! We chatted for a while about her Augmented Reality Alphabet book and upcoming events. The interactive book is used with an app (available on Google Play & the App Store) which brings the alphabet letters to life with sound effects and narration. Children absolutely love it! I can tell you first hand, it was a hit at the event! Several event-goers came up to her table while we chatted, inquiring about the book and to make a purchase.

Angelique says her journey in publishing a book had its ups and downs, but she ended with saying, “For me, the most rewarding aspect of being a creative artist is bringing something from an idea to reality. Being able to merge my gifts together to support families, and entertain them as well as teach them.” Let me tell you; I felt THAT!” It’s hard to go from an idea to reality especially when you’re doing it on your own. I believe we have a best seller on our hands with an entire series to come! So before you go, read her story below. Angelique’s book was featured on a segment of 6ABC news and Philadelphia’s Fox 29 highlighting local authors. She also featured in a few online magazine publications. Angelique plans to do a few book signings around the tri-state as the pandemic played a major role in slowing book tours down. Don’t forget to follow her on social media, tell her Leesa sent you! You’ll be seeing and hearing a lot more from her very soon! 

About the Author

Angel’s Awesome Books was founded by Angelique Marshall, who holds a Master’s Degree in mental health counseling. Angelique has serviced children in the mental/behavioral health and early intervention field for over 20 years. She is also the founder of the successful film production company [Lique Productions]. Lique Productions specializes in producing independent films, music videos, commercials, theatre productions, and now augmented reality children books.

A natural visionary, Angelique always had a knack for combining her love of film with her passion for helping people. Combining her two passions led her to the entrepreneurial world, which provided an opportunity to help children with their mental health needs, learning disabilities, and telling stories using augmented reality or AR. Her first book is the [Alphabet Book], an augmented reality children’s storybook that brings the alphabet letters to life with sound effects and narration. For children, AR stories are exciting for many different reasons. First, it’s fun to interact with the characters on the pages through the use of AR.  Second, connecting to characters through their visual and auditory senses makes learning engaging and easier for children. Angelique’s goal is to empower children to succeed in school, live happy, healthy lives, and appreciate the beauty of reading. 

For more information on the alphabet book, bookings or general inquiries, visit the website below. 


Instagram: @angelsawesomebooks 

By Leesa @leesamedia