Check out the NaturallyNeat Cleaning Hacks

NaturallyNeat, LLC is a premier eco-friendly cleaning company that prioritizes health and wellness, quality cleaning solutions, and pristine cleaning services.

Founded by Rafyah Lumb in the City of Brotherly Love, NaturallyNeat has provided cleaning services for residential and commercial properties in Philadelphia, its surrounding counties, and the South Jersey area for more than 12 years.

Cleaning Hack #1 – You can add lemongrass oil to your cleaning products and use it on your floors to give them a bright and shiny finish.

Cleaning Hack #2:  Our Neat Signature Scents can be used anywhere! In your home or office, in your car, or while traveling by bus, train or plane.

Cleaning Hack #3:  Our packages include not only deep cleaning services but also  Aromatherapy using Neat Signature Scent air freshener.

Cleaning Hack #4:  Make our Neat Signature Scents part of your daily cleaning routine to keep your home Lemongrass Neat Fresh!

Visit to Get your home Lemongrass Neat Fresh! G et your home Lemongrass Neat Fresh!