“Rasheena Stewart’s Hair Matters: Tips for Healthy Hair from the Inside Out”

Contributing Writers:  Rasheena Stewart and Shelly Shell Williams 

As a long-time client of hair stylist Rasheena Stewart, I can confidently say that she truly has “growing hands.” At first, I wasn’t sure what people meant by that phrase, but watching Rasheena in action quickly made it clear to me. She not only possesses incredible skill and talent as a stylist, but she also has a heart for helping her clients understand the importance of healthy hair from the inside out.

Rasheena, co-owner of Lotus Beauty Spa, believes that the key to healthy hair starts with taking care of your body from within.

“A healthy diet is essential for promoting healthy hair growth from the root.” Rasheena drops some quick and easy tips for maintaining healthy hair.  

Certain foods, like eggs, fish, avocado, nuts, and berries, contain important nutrients like biotin, protein, Vitamin C, and Vitamin D that can jumpstart vibrant hair growth. When combined with a regular hair cleansing and conditioning routine, your hair can reach its full potential.

For example, a mix of avocado and coconut oil can make for a fantastic hair conditioning mask, and applying eggs directly to your hair can add a beautiful shine.

Bonus tip:  Remember to exercise regularly and drink plenty of water – healthy hair truly does start from within.  

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