Reminisce on 50 Years of Hip Hop with Charlie Mack

If you love hip hop like we all do, then you’re in for a treat at Charlie Mack’s 50th Anniversary of Hip Hop Event. We are thrilled to celebrate this momentous occasion with Charlie Mack, a true icon in the hip-hop community.

I Reminisce, I Reminisce on Charlie Mack is not just a friend, brother, and mentor to me, but to many others who have had the pleasure of knowing him. Through my work at Urban X-pression, I have been fortunate enough to witness Charlie’s incredible impact on the industry. From the unforgettable events at Club Gotham (my personal favorite) to the star-studded All-Star Celebrity weekends, Charlie has brought together the biggest names in hip-hop and Hollywood, always giving back to important causes and non-profits.

Charlie Mack truly lives up to his name as a Life Changer. He has dedicated himself to making a positive impact in the world, and we are grateful for his many years of love and support. I want to share a special memory of the Weight Loss Challenge that Charlie sponsored between Snook Chaos and me. The winner would receive $3000 to donate to their charity of choice. Although Snook Chaos lost almost 30 pounds and I lost 19 pounds in just 30 days, we both won because of Charlie’s emphasis on health and wellness.

Charlie Mack has always been ahead of his time. I wish we had camera phones back then because I would have endless pictures of Charlie with everyone. He has been a trailblazer in the industry and an inspiration to all. We could go on and on about Charlie’s incredible legacy, but it’s best to experience it for yourself on June 17th.

Message from Charlie Mack

So Brothas & Sistas I humbly bring to you for the first time ever One Night Sat June 17th 2023, One Stage Broadwalk Hall in Atlantic City, NJ, One DJ The Magnificent @djjazzyjeff & One Host The Greatest Entertainer @therealdougefresh and 50 MCs, Hip Hop living legends @official_sugarhillgang @mellemelglover @scorpiofurious5 @kurtisblow sequence @treacherousthree @coldcrushbros @fearlessfour @iampebbleepoo @mcreggieregcrashcrew1 @imroxanneshante @theofficialmcshan @sweetteethemc #KoolMoeDee @mc_craig_g @treachtribe @theofficialstetsasonic @dayoungstasofficial @joeskilove @wiseintelligent @therealclsmooth @petergunz174 @ksolo_wolfgang @buckshotbdi @positive_k_  @mrcheekstv @yoyofearless #Zhigge  @schoollydee @therealepmd @kwamevision @traceyleeesq @legendarydjkooldc @samthebeast @j.j.fad @nine @theladyofrage_ @chubblive @monieluv @darealgregnice @smoothboss8 @rclarock @tuffcrew @thereal95south @blacksheepdres @xplargepro @itsablahzayworld @onyx_hq @mastaacepics @strafe @lotug1 @mcmilkdee performing all together for first time EVER on ONE SET!!!! But I’m not done one of the founding fathers of our culture of #HipHop The Living Legend @kooldjredalert and hosted by the Queens of Philly radio & legends in their own right @therealladyb @wdaspatty @wdasmimibrown this is all brought by yours truly #CharlieMack @nrsuperstar @ppshows for tickets which are on sale now @ #HH50