Snapptivatingly Hilarious: The Madam of Comedy Red Snapperrr Reigns Supreme in Chubby Chasers Live!”  #YEAAAAASNAPP

Red Snapperrr, also known as “The Queen of Philly” and “The Madam of Comedy,” is the CEO and founder of the “Chubby Chasers Live” talk show, the #1234&5 talk show in Philadelphia. This phenomenal comedic platform is “snapptivating,” featuring interviews with the hottest entertainers from Philadelphia, the whole tri-state area, city to city, state to state, and worldwide genres of the entertainment industry…. #YEAAAAASNAPP  The show covers everything from comedians and musicians to filmmakers, book authors, artists, actors, fashion designers, producers, entrepreneurs, motivational speakers, and more.

“Chubby Chasers Live” particularly films weekly on Tuesdays from 5-7 PM in front of a live audience at Chuck’s Alibi in Philadelphia, PA. The show generally airs on Fridays on major networking platforms. Don’t miss out on this fun-filled talk show where it’s always a vibe with Red Snapperrr at the helm.