The Sexual Miseducation of The Black Man in America: With Author AB Bracewell on Single On Saturday available on Amazon The Sexual Miseducation of Black Men in America explores and explains the psychological, emotional, behavioral, and relational impact our that sexual conditioning has had on us as Black men. For far too long we have allowed one of the smallest organ on our body to have the most control over our lives. In this book, we will explore the impact that our sexual miseducation has had on every part of our lives as Black men. We will re-educate the next generation of men on how to value themselves by teaching them real ways to measure their manhood, and combatting the notion that their manhood is based on the number of women that they sleep with, or how well they perform in the bedroom. The Sexual Miseducation of Black Men in America will help parents in our community help understand what it will take to grow their prince into the position of king. We will assist Black men with overcoming one of the most powerful struggles that they are faced with; that is the temptation of casual and meaningless sex. This alone has stopped millions of us from living up to our full potential.