Son of the 215 celebrated the release of his new project, “Midnight Train to Philly” with a concert hosted by RedSnaperrr and presented by Tweet of Concrete Moguls Magazine.  Midnight Train to Philly featured performances from Dutchieman, of Major Figgas, and more.


Son of the 215 celebrated the release of his new project, “Midnight Train to Philly” with a concert

UXNM:  Philly Collaborations on Midnight Train to Philly: Your album ‘Midnight Train to Philly features a variety of collaborations. Can you tell us about the artists you worked with and what expectations you had for these collaborations while creating the album?

Son of the 215:  Sure, when I set out to do this album, I knew wanted to make it like a story that no matter where we go in life, we gotta remember where we come from. I knew I needed the classic present and future of Philly. My brother “EveryAve” of soundGenius Studios gave me the sound an studio vibes I needed. His skill is unmatched. On production, I went wit my hitmen “DeweyOnTheTrack” and “Harrix” who prod a lot of my early hits, “Philebonics,” “Ironic,” an more, but I also reached out to new hot producers.”DJ Revolver” and a young lady named “LovelyLayBeats” who is the hottest female producer in the city! For features, I needed Spittaz cuz that’s what Philly is known for, so I got Dreamchasers Artist “kur” Our track is amazing!! We are both from the same hood so this was long overdue, and we delivered! It’s a Big & Jay-Z meets Freeway & B-Mac type vibe! Had to get a Legend, so it was time for me and my big brother StateProperty’s own “Peedi Crakk” to get one in, and Peedi is still hot as ever. Thanks, Pedro! Then I got my brother from Jersey “PortaRich”

To show the Philly Jersey connection! He killed it! The rest was up to me, I wanted to show people how lyrically I can get, so all I needed was those components!

UXNM:  The Uppity Awards Triumph: Winning the inaugural Urban X-pressions F.A.M.E. Award at the Uppity Awards is a significant milestone. What does this recognition mean to you, and how do you think it will influence your future work?

Son of the 215:  All, man, it meant everything; UX is probably one of the reasons I do music. It was my window to the culture as a kid watching the greats come threw Philly an knowing it was this great thing going on that I had to be a part of. Thank you, Mom, for letting me stay up an watch it. I love you!! The uppity awards is an uptown award show representing for people from my hood, people I know, love, and respect, so for them to consider me the best in Uptown Philly in 2023, man, speaks volumes! Thank you.Not bad for a kid from RugbySt, Mt Airy Stand Up!! My favorite award yet, and I got a couple lol. 

Uppity Awards presents Urban X-pressions F.A.M.E Award

Son of the 215 for securing the F.A.M.E. Award,

Roc Star P, Shelly Shell Williams, Philadelphia Freeway and Son of the 215

Son of the 215 with Dell P 215

Son of the 215 with Dell P 215


UXNM:  Freeway’s Support: Having Freeway present during your Uppity Awards victory was undoubtedly special. How has his presence and support impacted you personally and professionally, especially on such a momentous occasion?

Son of the 215:  It was So Dope! The award show was on my birthday, 11/11 Veterans Day, so for him to come kick it with me at the awards an perform with me as well as seeing him inducted in the hall of fame! Smh great bday gift. No matter how far I go, I will always thank Big bro for having my back and believing in my talents, and believing in Philadelphia, thanks Freezer! Love u bro! #FTA 

UXNM:  Philadelphia’s Influence: Being a son of the 215, how has the culture and vibe of Philadelphia influenced your music style and the themes you explore in your songs? 

Son of the 215:  It’s my brand, my story, my genre of hip-hop, it’s everything. It’s Fresh Prince getting his own show, Schoolly D, inviting gangsta rap, Meek with the Bally braids. It’s what BK was to big or Compton was to Eazy-E. A higher-up once told me you gotta get the bells ringing at home first in this game. So if I’m the Son an I’m making music that invites people into our world, when they listen, they get to walk the streets of the 215 my home has to support that, or you just hating an love over Powers the hate. My music is for everybody but from the eyes of a Philadelphian. It’s my story, our story! We giving so much to the culture. It needs to be told.

UXNM:  Blueprint for Independent Success: You seem to have a blueprint for independent success in the music industry. What would you say is the key to dominating the indie path in music, and what advice would you give to upcoming artists looking to forge their own path?

Son of the 215:  To me, it’s simple steps u can follow throughout your career. Stay ready, stay working, stay humble. Never underestimate the next man, and never underestimate yourself. Chase the dream, not the money. The money ain’t going anywhere, but the game goes fast. Learn the biz an keep your faith in the most high, and your time will come.

UXNM:  Looking Ahead: With the release of ‘Midnight Train to Philly’ and your recent accolade, what’s next for Son of the 215? Are there any new projects, collaborations, or directions you’re excited to explore?

Son of the 215:  So much more! New merch is on the way! I’m working on collab projects with artists I respect, like my dog Dell-P we started a group TheLLC, COMING SOON. My first major starring role is “A Target on my Opps” The movie is coming soon with the King Jimmy Da Saint.  Can’t wait for y’all to see it! An of course more music! Me an Freeway got something cooking for y’all! I’m right back in the booth working on the next solo project! Plus, I’m getting involved in nonprofit work an building my Two5thTeen empire! Y’all know the vibes! It’s the S.O.N “SuccessOrNothing”