Shelly Shell:  Staying Rooted in Philly: You’ve often heard that one must leave Philly to ‘make it’ in the film industry, yet you’ve chosen to stay. What aspects of Philadelphia keep you anchored here, and how do they influence your creative process?”

Jimmy Da Saint:  My goal is to stay in Philly until we are recognized as a city of powerful filmmakers, artists, and actors. I’m inspired by my city, the good, bad, and ugly.

Shelly Shell:  Volume of Work: “Throughout your career, you have been prolific in both filmmaking and writing. Can you share with us the total number of films and books you’ve created to date, and what projects are you currently working on?”

Jimmy Da Saint:   I have 30 novels and 10 featured films. All were written about and filmed in Philly. I’m waiting for Tubi to release my newest film, THE ULTIMATE HIGH, featuring Rome ya favorite rapper, and Wilde Tuna.  I’m also the executive producer for Tiona’s new film called WHO? Coming this spring. And I’ll release a new album project called TEARS OF A HUSTLER on my record label. 

Shelly Shell:  Mentoring Aspects: Behind the scenes, you’ve been helping others get their movies on platforms like Tubi at no cost. What motivates you to mentor and support emerging filmmakers, and how does this impact the Philly film community?”

Jimmy Da Saint:   I enjoy helping filmmakers get on. It’s not about making money all the time but helping these talented artists get their voices heard. Helping Philly filmmakers get put on only helps all of us from the city.

Shelly Shell:  Creative Inspiration: Could you share how living and working in this city has shaped your storytelling and creative vision?”

Jimmy Da Saint:  Philly is full of many different cultures.  We have so much to show and offer the world. Arts, dance, films, music, etc. This city will definitely help you find or discover your creativity. 

Shelly Shell:  Future Visions: “Looking towards the future, what new themes or stories are you eager to explore in your upcoming projects, and how do they differ from your previous work?”

Jimmy Da Saint:   I’m currently writing two new films, BREAKDOWN, about the daily struggles of black women, and A TARGET ON MY OPPS,  featuring Son of the 215. I’m also working on part 5 of my black Scarface series. 

Shelly Shell:  Industry Evolution: What is your ultimate goal for your business and life? 

Jimmy Da Saint:  My ultimate goal is to bring Hollywood to Philly. TO one day bring a major film production company to the city. 

Shelly Shell:  What are some things on your bucket list? 

Jimmy Da Saint:  To continue writing more powerful films and books. 

Shelly Shell:  You work all the time; what are some things you do for fun? 

Jimmy Da Saint:  Creating is fun for me. Whether it’s writing, doing shows, or filming, that’s my fun.